Ransomware Assessment Case Study

Ransomware Assessment Case Study

The leadership of a leading automobile company wanted assurance that their systems were prepared to protect against a Ransomware incident with sufficient controls and mechanisms.

Centum did Ransomware Assessment Program, which included:
Managing Incidents:
  • a) Ransomware Incident Reporting
  • b) External Stakeholder Management
  • c) Legal and Compliance (based on State and Country laws, e.g. GDPR/CCPA)
  • d) External Stakeholder Management
  • e) Media and Communication Management
Managing Threats:
  • a) Access control to different systems and applications
  • b) External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • c) External Threat Assessment and Exposure Identification
  • d) Table Top Exercises and Planning
Managing Recovery:
  • a) Backup and Recovery
  • b) High Availability & Disaster Recovery

The assessment report was presented to leadership, including findings, recommendations, and a proposed action plan.

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