Success Stories

A Midsize Healthcare Company Utilizes Centum’s Expertise to Increase their SLA Performance

Struggling with an unstable backup infrastructure, this midsize healthcare client was experiencing low success rates and unsuccessful restore requests, resulting in more than 50% recovery operations f .

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Major Fast Food Chain Saves by Using Centum Services

The client was struggling to keep its 56000 endpoints safe and secure. The Windows update process was inefficient; security and compliance were of significant concern. High licensing cost.

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Ransomware Assessment Case Study

The leadership of one of the automobile companies wanted to validate if they have adequate controls and mechanisms to protect and manage any advert Ransomware incident.

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Governance over

Governance over SOC for one of the leading Fintech company

Organization went through severe ransomware attacks and wanted to invest in security post-facto. They wanted to monitor all security activities within their environment but needed advisory help on too .

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A major investment

A major investment management firm saves by leveraging the application packaging factory model

Since moving the application packaging services to Centum, the financial company has improved its package delivery time and made the desktop and VDI environment safe and secure.

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Prominent Financial

Prominent financial firm cuts the backup services cost in half and up’s the SLA to five 9s

Since moving the managed services to Centum, the financial company has cut its managed services cost in half and improved its success rate from 80% to 99.99%.

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