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Application Packaging Services

Centum provides custom, end-to-end, conflict-free software packaging and testing. Our team simplifies the process – whether you need just a few or thousands of packages – and guarantees quality and security at a competitive price.

Our standardized and repeatable application packaging processes result in fewer issues for users and reduced calls to your helpdesk.

Be more productive and secure with Centum’s Application Packaging Services.


What We Offer

Centum delivers managed and scalable Application Packaging Services that are cost effective and easy to use. When you have increased workload or complex projects, Centum can fill the gaps to ensure smooth and stable IT operations.

We Offer:

A team of experts. Centum’s team has vast experience across a variety of delivery and in-depth knowledge of application compatibility best practices. We reduce complexities and ensure packages are secure and seamless to the end user.
Ease of use. We prepare a simple MSI or App-V package, which is rolled out to your end users.
Cost control and reduction. Our fixed, per-app pricing helps you plan and allocate budget for application management, avoiding expensive overruns.
Expertise and skills when you need it. In-house staff are costly to recruit, train and retain. Our on-demand, scalable services free up resources for other important projects.

Centum Delivers

Whether you’re a big customer or small, Centum delivers unparalleled attention and quality to your IT projects – at competitive costs.
Regardless of your environment — Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp or VMware ThinApp – Centum delivers quality Application Packaging services at competitive costs.

Examples of Projects

Centum has the capacity and expertise for large and small application packaging. These are just a few of our successful projects.
Altiris to SCCM migration to a 3,000 user/1,000+ Package environment.
SCCM rollout to a major U.S. fast food chain’s 7,000 locations.
Migration of 2,000 users to Windows 10 deploying SCCM.
Citrix App layering rollout for a 1,000-user VDI environment.

Add your project to the list! Contact us to learn how Centum can help with your next Application Packaging needs.

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